DTLA Fashion Photographer

Meet Lisa Yakovina from Meraki Model Management. We shot these images in one of the ugliest (and I mean ugly, ugly, ugly) parts of Los Angeles. I was super excited to shoot with Lisa, and we had our shoot planned a week or two in advance, when the agency called me to say she had booked an ecommerce shoot in Vernon and that there might be a conflict with our timing.

I decided to tell the agency that I still wanted to do the shoot and that I’d pick her up after the commercial booking in Vernon, and she and I would just do a simple quick shoot. I figured I’d just find a nearby spot, and we’d shoot for an hour or two.

Driving around a bit before the time I was to pick her up, I was wondering how I was going to pull it off, as the immediate area was so unpleasant. But I found a cool wall, and Lisa was incredible (she shows up to her shoots with a lot of heart), and we both did our thing.

Anyway it just goes to show you that sometimes you just have to show up, and things will fall into place in magical ways.

Michele is a DTLA Fashion Photographer