DTLA Studio Shoot

Got together with a bunch of super talented artists recently and organized a studio shoot with the gorgeous Shelby of Freedom Models.  

Organizing a collaboration of this sort can be, in some ways, similar to working with clients on a lookbook or advertising shoot. It’s similar in that a vision needs to be articulated for the mood and the type of imagery for which the team is aiming. Additionally, each person on the team needs to have a good understanding of that vision, and be able to execute that vision appropriately and successfully within the context of their particular craft and artistry.

Of course when you’re working with a client, you are executing the client’s vision, whereas when you’re working on a personal project, you are executing your own vision. But once the vision has been communicated, much of the following steps are similar. Whether it’s a test shoot, magazine editorial, or lookbook shoot, I’m still always going for emotionally charged imagery, I’m still always committed to creating images that tell a strong story, I’m still always looking to capture images that are varied and interesting, but that also as a whole create a cohesive narrative.  

Michele is a Los Angeles lookbook photographer. www.mlobosco.com


Photographer: Michele LoBosco

Photography Assistant: Maryann Buchanan

Makeup Artist: Aga Jakubowkski

Stylist: Janet Gomez

Hair Stylist: Allie Ellis

Model: Shelby @ Freedom Models

Studio: www.astroeticstudios.com

Michele LoBosco